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Enter Transactions - Overview
Split Transactions
Bulk Edit Transactions
View Transactions

Customers and Suppliers - View
Importing Customers and Suppliers
How do I edit/add supplier or customer details
Customer Invoices
Credit Notes - Customers
Supplier Invoices
Credit Notes from your suppliers
How do I mark invoices as paid?
How do I edit an invoice with a payment attached?
How do I deal with Two-Way Traders?
Importing Invoices
Customer Groups
Automatic allocation of overpayments and on account balances
Copying invoices
Self-billing invoice

Bank feeds - how to set them up
Bank Transactions - Bank Feed
Bank Transactions - File Import
Creating custom bank file imports
Bank Rules
Bank Transactions - Manual Entry
Why do I need to keep refreshing my bank feed?
What do the symbols next to my bank account mean?
My Farmplan Business Cloud bank balance does not match my bank statement balance?
How do I remove automated bank feeds?
How do I process Inter-Bank Transfers?

VAT Adjustments
Wages Adjustment
Profit Allocation Adjustment

How do I enter a Hire Purchase agreement?
How do I Refund Transactions?
How do I post an invoice dated in the future?
What is the Year End Process?
How do I add enterprise details retrospectively?
Is there a limit to the transactions I can enter or the users I can add?
How do I enter personally incurred business expenses?
How do I complete my accounts and tax return in Farmplan Business Cloud?
How do I process dividends?
How do I deal with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions?