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Reports include Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Payables, Receivables, VAT, Cashflow. Exports to Excel e.g General Ledger

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Farmplan Business Cloud has a number of useful reports available to users which give an easy-to-view insight into your business finances.

The detail of figures on reports can be further broken down by drilling down on individual lines whenever the text is highlighted in blue. Each report can be exported to Excel or in a pdf format for printing.

The reports available are:

Profit and Loss

Profit and loss reports can help you make business decisions and will highlight any areas of spending that could be cut back. The Profit & Loss will be show the income and expenditure for the whole business or particular areas such as individual enterprises or groups of enterprises (i.e. by tags).

Balance Sheet

This report shows a snapshot of your financial position for any given point in time. Here you can see your assets, liabilities and remaining equity in the business.

Trial Balance

The trial balance report displays your category balances for any given date range. This will be useful for your accountants, as it will help them complete your end of year accounts and tax return. See also Categories - Overview.

Cash Flow

This report provides a detailed overview of the money coming in and out of your accounts. Use the filters at the top to set a date range and pick individual bank accounts.

A graphical representation is also shown at the bottom of the screen for easier interpretation.

A cash flow projection can be calculated for future months based on previous figures, enabling you to set future cash flow goals and view trends in your cash flow, leading to better, more informed business decisions. Select the type of calculation from an average of previous actual figures or with a % or fixed increase.


This report gives a breakdown of the amounts customers owe to you. This can be broken down by invoice and amount of time overdue.


The payables report is similar to receivables but instead displays the amounts you owe to your suppliers. To learn more about our payables report click here.

VAT Returns

This report will calculate the amount of VAT owed to HMRC, or owed to you from HMRC.

From this report you will also be able to submit your VAT returns directly from Farmplan Business Cloud.

NB - if you change any figures after initially calculating your VAT return you should refresh the calculation using the button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are happy with your VAT figures for this period, you should Save and Lock the period. As part of the submission process, you will be asked to authorise Business Cloud to use your HMRC account.

EC Sales Lists

This quarterly report will calculate your EC sales list from all the invoices you have raised for your zero-rated EU customers.

If you are happy with the calculated figures, save and lock the report. You can submit your EC sales list directly to HMRC from this screen. (NB this is not applicable after 1 January 2021).


A number of reports are also designed to be exported directly to Excel. Once they have been calculated they are available for download and viewing from the bottom of the screen.

These include:

  • Customers – a list of all customers including their current balance and contact details

  • Customer Invoices – all outstanding customer invoices

  • Suppliers – a list of all suppliers including their current balance and contact details

  • Supplier Invoices – all outstanding supplier invoices

  • Transactions – a list of all transactions between 2 dates

  • General Ledger – available either as a summary (the total against each category between 2 dates) or a detailed listing of all items between 2 dates against each category on the Trial Balance – a useful report for your accountant at the year end. We recommend that you add your accountant as a user so that they can access this and any supporting reports that they require. See Company Settings.

Note - exported reports need to be recalculated once more data has been entered.

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