There are a number of different symbols that will be shown against your bank account particularly if it is set to use the bank feed option. Remember that the bank feed is not automatically synch ’ed with your data immediately – it is usually done once a day but it may be more often or less frequently depending on which bank you use.

Up to Date

This symbol is only used against bank accounts that use the bank feed option. It means that everything is up to date and there were no unconfirmed transactions at the time of the last synchronise.

If you are expecting a particular entry and want to pull it through without waiting for the next scheduled synchronisation, you can click on this blue symbol to be taken to the list of bank transactions. Check that the entry is not in the ‘Confirmed’ column already.

To force recent transactions through, click on Actions > Add More > Retrieve Data.

You should not need to change the ‘from’ date’ as the program will default to the last date used.

Clicking on Retrieve Data will pull through any transactions which are ready at the bank to be pulled through. Be aware, pending transactions are often not sent through by the banks, so if your transaction has not yet cleared it might not be available yet.

You should then see a message saying that your transactions have been successfully imported.

Transactions waiting to be checked

This means there are transactions which have been pulled through, waiting to be checked, either from a bank feed or after you have imported a bank file.

If you click on this it will take you to the transactions waiting to be confirmed in the Check tab. You might find that there is nothing there to be checked, because bank rules have posted your new transactions automatically to the ledgers. In this case you will see a message which says

If this is the case you will find your newly posted transactions in your Confirmed tab. (If you disagree with how these have been posted you can still edit them easily from here by clicking on the edit symbol.)

Bank Feeds - If you go back to your banking summary page you will now see the blue eye symbol against your bank account again, meaning everything is now up to date.

Refresh Bank Link

This symbol is only seen against bank accounts with bank feeds. It means that you need to refresh your link with the bank. How often this is necessary will depend on your bank and certain banks will periodically ask you to reverify your log in details.

Once you have clicked on this symbol you will go through the same process as when you first gave approval to your bank. However this time when you have relinked to your bank you will not need to enter a date to start from.

Once it has refreshed you will see the Transactions To be Checked symbol (if transactions have been pulled through) or the Up to Date symbol if there are no new transactions to be pulled through.

See Why do I need to keep refreshing my bank feed?

Enter Transactions

This symbol simply means “Enter Transactions”.

It is always used for Manual transactions and File Imports but is also used for the first Bank Feed done for a bank, when you have to say what date you want to start from.

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