When you first created the business in Farmplan Business Cloud, you will have found that a number of categories (nominal codes) were created automatically for you as a result of you telling us what type of farm you have.

Of course, you may not like the exact wording of these categories or even wish to remove some of them where they are not relevant to your business.

You can do this by navigating to Accounting > Categories

NB there are some categories that are used by the system that you are unable to edit or delete.

To edit the name of a category click on the yellow pencil at the end of the line.

From here you can change the name of a category and, if applicable, its category number providing it stays within the same Band and the new number is not currently being used. You may wish to do this if you want to change the order that categories are displayed on the screen.

You cannot change the band of a category once it has been used.

You can also change the default VAT status – this can be amended in individual entries as well.

To delete categories click on the red dustbin at the end of the line. You will not be able to delete a category that has been used in any entries or ones that are used by the system.

Of course you can add your own new categories as well. This can be done as you need them as part of the relevant Enter Transactions screen.

Alternatively go to the Categories screen and click on the + sign.

See also Managing Categories for more details.

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