All Farmplan Business Cloud users are able to create multiple businesses and easily switch between them.

Please contact us on 01594 545011 if you wish to add any additional businesses so that we can sign you up.

Please note that each business will initially need a unique email address so that we can send an invitation email along with a temporary password.

From this you can create the new business and enter some basic details.

Once your new company has been created you can add additional users – who may, of course already be using Farmplan Business Cloud to manage or view other companies and already have a registered email address.

This can be done by going to Company Settings > Users Tab and clicking '+ Add New User', as seen below:

Each user can then switch between any companies that they have access to from the following menu. They will be unable to access any companies that they have not been invited to view:

Remember to invite your accountant so that they can access your data.

See also Company Settings and User Permissions.

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