If you are sending documentation such as quotes and sales invoices to other parties then this option will allow you customise their layout.

Invoice Options

  • If you do not tick that you would like Farmplan to create your invoices, perhaps because you are creating your invoices elsewhere or you only receive self-billing invoices, the entry screen will be in the simple batch format i.e. similar to purchase invoices.

However if you do indicate that you wish to create invoices then you will see additional questions:

  • Does your business sell a service or product? Indicating that you sell products means that the transaction entry screen will show a quantity and price. A service will just ask for a net value.

  • Discounts - This will add an additional discount box to the entry screen.

  • Custom Billing Units – Again this will add an additional field to the entry screen which will default to the chosen billing unit. This can be overwritten at the time of entry

  • Automated Reminders – To remind customers that overdue payments are due via an automatically generated customised email. See Automated Payment Reminders for more details.

  • Remove Farmplan Business Cloud logo – the Farmplan logo will be shown in the footer of any automated invoice/ emails etc unless you choose to remove it

  • Invoice Reference Prefix – do you wish to have a prefix to your Invoice numbers?

  • Lowest invoice reference – each invoice reference will automatically increment by 1. This is the first number that you wish to use.

  • Default invoice text – you may wish to add a message to your customers such as your payment details or terms and conditions of payment to be displayed on the invoice. The exact amount of characters that will be displayed will depend on a number of factors but will allow for a couple of paragraphs.

Quote Options

If you have indicated that you wish Farmplan Business Cloud to create your invoices, you will also have the option to create quotes as well. See Quotes.

Again you can add default quote text, which can also be applied to the resulting invoice when the quote is accepted and converted.

Statement Options

Default text can also be added as a message to any statements created by Farmplan Business Cloud which can be overwritten at the time of creation.

Design Options

From the Design Options tab you have the option to scroll through the seven templates before choosing one that best fits your business.

To add your own company logo at the top of the design, just drag and drop it into the company logo box. Alternatively you can browse to it on your computer to upload it.

Email Options

Customise the layout of any emails that are sent from within the application. The text can be added to add merged fields. For example to automatically add the contact name, amount due and invoice reference to the text simply click on the insert field:

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