In Farmplan Business Cloud, if you assign a payment to a customer or supplier invoice you will be unable to edit the original invoice until the payment is removed. This is to protect the integrity of the transaction and to avoid causing errors.

Finding and deleting the payment

An easy way to find the assigned payments to an invoice is to go to Customers > Customer Invoices or Suppliers > Supplier Ivoices

Clicking the blue hyperlink on the invoice will allow you to view the invoice and all allocated payments.

Document Layout- Sales Invoices

Batch Layout and Purchase Invoices

You can then delete this payment, amend the invoice and re-add the payment.

Re-adding the payment

If the payment was processed through a bank account that used file imports or automatic bank feeds, you will find it under the 'Check' tab when entering your bank transactions ready to be processed again.

If it was a manual entry then you will need to re-enter the payment manually. It is a good idea to make a note of the payment details before you delete it.

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