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Different levels of user access

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What are User Permissions for?

If you have multiple users who have access to your Farmplan Business Cloud account (such as employees) then you can set different levels of permissions for each depending on what they need to see or do in Farmplan Business Cloud.

For example, if you have an admin assistant who sends your invoices but you do not want them to see banking information, this can be achieved with Farmplan Business Cloud's User Permissions. Alternatively you may wish a director to see the reports but not be able to edit any figures.

We strongly recommend adding your accountant as a full user so that they can help with any accounting queries you may have and of course, prepare your year-end accounts including making adjustments where necessary.

How to set up User Permissions in Farmplan Business Cloud

To set up User Permissions, go to Company Settings > User Permissions tab.

Here you will see the 3 default permission groups which cannot be edited and the option to add new groups.

In the below example we have called the new group 'Admin invoicing only' and only the 'Customers' permission has been set. This means that any user you put into this permissions group will only be able to view and create quotes and invoices.

To apply the new permission group to a user, click the edit button next to the relevant user in the Users tab:

Then select the group you would like that user to belong to:

When this user next logs in they will only have access to the parts of Farmplan Business Cloud allowed in their permission group.

Please note, if it is important to you that users you add do not have sight of certain sensitive data, we recommend testing the new user roles you create. To do this we would recommend setting up a dummy user account.

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