Sequential Cropping

Sequential Cropping allows you to manage fields that grow multiple crops in a season.
For example;

  • Failed Crops
  • A Main crop after a Cover Crop
  • Stubble Turnips after a Main crop 
  • Multiple Crops of Vegetables

By creating Sequential Cropping records you will be able to manage your Jobs for each crop sequence, view their costs and margins and run reports.

Crop sequences can be added to whole or split fields – as long as the total Workable Area is not exceeded at any one time. In order to add sequences to a field where the Cropping Area is equal to the Workable Area, the older/already harvested sequences must be marked as Crop sequence complete.

Creating Crop Sequences (Whole Fields) 

To create a second/subsequent cropping sequence in a field;

  1. Open the field within the Fields module and click the Details tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Cropping section and click on the Setup Areas button.
  3. Tick the Sequence box in the bottom left hand corner of the Setup Areas window. The Sequence pane will appear with the first sequence added.
  4. Tick the Crop sequence complete box. This marks the sequence as complete and ‘allows’ the field area to be re-used in a new sequence. 
  5. Click + Add sequence to create a second/subsequent sequence (as shown below).

   6.  You can edit the name of the sequence by clicking on the Edit (pencil) icon, for               example Week 12 or March to April.
   7.   Enter a Suffix if required.
   8.  Click the green tick to save and continue. The Edit Land Use window will appear.
   9.  Edit the cropping for each sequence as required. N.B. If you are creating a                    sequence to allow you to manage a crop failure, with the failed sequence                      selected, choose ‘Other’ Land Use and then select Failed Crop from the list. This           will ensure that this sequence is no longer included in the totals for its original               crop.

Within the fields Cropping section you will now see both sequences.

Creating Crop Sequences (Split Fields)

You can split fields and create sequences or create the sequence first and then create the split. For example; a whole field is planted, half of it fails. The way to manage this is to split the field into two splits and then add a second sequence to the part that failed thereby allowing it to be replanted from scratch.

Working with Sequences in Jobs and Cropping Planner

When you pick fields from the Field Selector, any Completed Sequences are not shown by default. This helps reduce the list of available fields to only those that are currently growing a crop. If you wish to see all sequences simply untick Hide completed sequences..

In Cropping Planner, click the arrow next to the cropping record (see below);

The box will expand to show all sequences (see below);

In both Field Selector and Cropping Planner a grey tick indicates an incomplete sequence whilst a green tick indicates a completed sequence.

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