Cropping Planner can be found within the Fields module under the Cropping Planner tab and allows you to quickly and easily plan and set up your cropping for each season.

The number of years you wish to see is defined by using the Season selector at the top of the window. Here you can select and deselect the years visible in the window.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see a summary of your cropping.  This displays the total area and percentage of each variety and crop for any year selected. It is useful for seeing at a quick glance the amount of each crop you have allocated to your total cropping area, indicated by the green bar.

All fields for the currently selected year can be viewed in the Cropping Planner or you can filter to view particular farms, seasons or crops. The option to Filter is found next to the Season selector and also contains the option to Clear Filter(s) allowing you to  see all fields again.

You can select fields by ticking them individually or clicking on the year at the top of the column to multi select. 

  • By clicking on the year once, allocated fields will be selected
  • By clicking on the year twice, unallocated fields will be selected
  • By clicking on the year three times, all fields will be deselected

Selected fields can then all be copied together and then subsequently updated using the Copy From Previous Season button. This allows you to select the year you will copy cropping from and populates it across.

To use the Cropping Planner to setup a new field you can select the field by clicking on it and then click the Setup Field button. 

To change the way a field is cropped from the previous year click the Setup Field button which and then define allows you to redefine how you would like it cropped in the New Year.

Please watch the below video for an overview of Cropping Planner.

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