Setup > Activities is where tasks that are carried out on a field are managed. They allow you to record a task taking place and also to associate a cost with that task. Examples of activities would include ploughing, spraying, and rolling.

An activity must be associated with an activity type and may be given a unit price per hectare. Advanced customers can give the same activity a different price for different businesses.

Activities are selected as you create a job and allow you to see how much the activity will cost, based upon the fields selected and their target area (ha).  You will also select a piece of equipment for the job. As activities are the part of the job record that hold onto the pricing, you may wish to have more than one activity that you would use with the same equipment – for example, you may have a plough listed in equipment, but have two activities named ‘Ploughing – light land’ and ‘Ploughing – heavy land’, both with different costs. 

Some activity types require a product to be selected in the same job, whereas others do not. For example, an activity type of spraying must have at least one product selected in a job, whereas an activity type of tillage does not require a product to be selected in a job. 

 To add an activity

Activities may be added from the Setup module, or added as jobs are created by clicking on the + button next to Activity, within the Job Summary screen.

From the Setup module:

  1. Select the Activities icon
  2. Select the + New Activity button

Enter the information below:

  1. Activity Name
  2. Type of Activity
  3. Press the tick to proceed
  4. In the price section, enter the cost per hectare. If you have multiple businesses, you can add a different price for different businesses.

 To view an activity 

All activities are listed on the Activities section, accessed through Setup module. If you need to view a particular activities full details select the desired activity record. 

 To edit an activity

Activity records may be edited at any time. To do this, select the required record from within the Activities section of the Setup module and update the relevant information before saving.

To delete an activity

Activity records can be deleted, providing they have not been used within a record.

From the Setup module:

  1. Click Activities
  2. Find the activity you wish to delete
  3. Click the delete icon, located on the right hand side of the page
  4. A warning message will appear asking if you are sure that you want to delete the activity - select Delete to confirm.
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