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Setup > Fields is where you can setup the field details such as name, full area (ha), soil type or NVZ region. These details are relevant to the field across all seasons. Within each field record you can then allocate cropping for each season. Once cropping is entered for a season, the field will then be available to record information.

To add a field

  1. Select Fields from the sidebar or Fields from the Setup module
  2. Select the + New Field button
  3. A ‘New Field’ form will appear

Enter the information below:

  1. Field Name
  2. Farm
  3. Holding – a holding will automatically be picked based on the farm selected but if your business has more than one holding, you may need to change this selection
  4. Full area (ha) – the total area of the field including any field margins etc.
  5. Workable area (ha) – The area of the field that is croppable. This may be the same figure as the full area, or if there are grass margins or uncropped areas of the field it may be different. Please note, the actual cropped area for each season is setup later and may include whole or split fields
  6. NVZ region (Not applicable for Ireland)
  7. Click the tick to save

If you are adding multiple fields, you may wish to tick the option ‘Add another’ after step 6 above. This will take you directly into another ‘New Field’ form after saving.

N.B. If you choose to ‘Add another’ at this point you will need to add the cropping before any jobs can be recorded.

After saving, a drawer will appear, showing the details you have added. To add further information against a field, including soil information or a field boundary, click the appropriate edit icon. Entering an NG or LPID number will cause the map to zoom to your field location.
NB. For Ireland, the LPIS number does not contain a geographical reference. Therefore this will not self-centre on a field but will instead default to centre on Ireland.

Allocating a crop to a field

Once a field is added, it must be activated within a season so that jobs and records may be made against it. This is done by allocating a crop and working area to the field.

A field may be cropped as a whole field with a single crop, or with multiple crops, in which case the field will need to be split to reflect the different crops.  Field cropping can be split to allow you to manage multiple production crops in a field or to record other areas such as game cover or environmental schemes. Before adding any cropping information please ensure you are in the correct cropping season.

To allocate a single crop to a whole field

  1. Select the field from the Fields module
  2. Check that you are within the  Details tab
  3. Move down to the Cropping form, and click Setup Areas
  4. In the form that appears, enter a suffix if required. This is optional and will appear after the field name if entered
  5. Enter the area cropped.  This is often different to the full area, for example, a field with a full area of 12ha, might only have a cropped area of 11.5ha due to area within tracks, field margins or uncroppable areas

     6. Click the tick to continue. In the new form, select the correct land use option:

Crop Production                For a field that is growing a crop for production, for                                                           example wheat, potatoes, etc (in other words a crop that                                                   will be sold)
Fallow                                 For a field that is fallow (not growing anything)
Other                                  For a field that is growing something not for production or                                                that is part of a scheme or other land use, for example                                                      game cover, environmental scheme

    7. For crop production fields:
        a. Select a crop by clicking into the list or typing to search
        b. Select a variety using the same method
        c. Enter any other information required (this will depend on the crop selected)

For other field uses, select a use from the menu.

To allocate multiple crops to a field

  1. Select the field from the Fields module
  2. Check that you are within the Details tab
  3. Move down to the cropping form, and click Setup Areas
  4. Enter a Suffix for the first part of the field (for example, ‘A’) and enter the working area of the first part
  5. Click + Add Part Field and enter a Suffix and Area. Repeat 4 and 5 as required.

     6. Click the tick to continue. In the new form, select the correct land use option                  and cropping information (see above), and use the arrows at the bottom of the              form to move on to the next part of the field

To view field information

Within the Fields module, fields are listed in alphabetical order.

The field list may be filtered to show the fields by usage categories. By selecting a filter from the right hand side above the list, the visible list may be narrowed down to show ‘All fields’, ‘Fallow fields’, ‘Other land uses’, ‘Production crops’ and ‘Unused fields’.

For users with multiple businesses, the list may also be filtered by business.

To view information about a field, select it from the list and a drawer will appear. This drawer may have multiple tabs that each provide different information about the selected field. To view, click the relevant tab in the top left corner:

  • Details – for key information about a field, this year’s cropping and a previous cropping history
  • Jobs summary – for a list of completed jobs
  • Nutrients – to see nutrients applied through fertiliser jobs 
  • Sampling – to view the results of any soil analysis entered
  • Margin – to view the field’s margin figures

N.B. Tabs will only be visible if the relevant information exists.

To delete a field

Fields can only be deleted if the field is uncropped and has no records. If a field is deleted it will be deleted for all seasons. If you only wish to delete a crop in a particular season, do not try to delete the field – see deleting a crop below.

To delete a field;

  1. Within the Fields module, find the field in the list
  2. Click the delete icon, located on the right hand side of the page
  3. A warning message will appear asking if you are sure that you want to delete the Field - select Delete to confirm.

Deleting a crop from a field

A crop cannot be deleted from a field if it has any jobs or inspections associated with it. If a crop is deleted it will be deleted from the season.

To remove the cropping information:

  1. Make sure that the correct season is selected
  2. Select the field from the Fields module
  3. Under the Details tab at the top, select Setup in the Cropping section
  4. Select the delete icon located on the right-hand side of the form
  5. Click the tick to save
  6. The form will be refreshed taking you back to the Field Details form

Cropping Planner

Within the fields module you will find the Cropping Planner tab.

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