The Setup module can be accessed at any point by selecting the Setup icon from the sidebar.

The Setup module appears as below, but depending on your subscription level you may not see all the icons below:

Before continuing, you can check that you are in the correct season. Seasons relate the operations on a field to the crop that is being harvested. As an example, a wheat crop sown in autumn 2018 and harvested in summer 2019, is regarded as the 2019 crop and season.

 The season is displayed in the top right corner of your screen. If it is not correct, you can adjust your season by selecting the arrow next to the year displayed.

For more information on seasons in Gatekeeper please see our article Manage Seasons.

New users should work through the setup screens to add information about their farm.

You do not need to set up everything at once, and you can come back to add and edit items at any time. Items can generally only be deleted if they have not been used elsewhere in Gatekeeper records.

Existing users can return to the setup screen to edit or add new details as required.

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